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"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!"

A famous leader once said!

So exactly a year ago we started on this COVID19 /lockdown journey with no idea of our destination nor how long it would take. Perhaps our leaders had a vague idea, after all they were in the driving seat!

Our long and arduous journey has taken us into this very dark COVID tunnel. For some the impact has been greater than others. The words that came into prominent /common use a reflection of the many stops along the way, our collective emotions. Unprecedented, Lockdown, Zooming, PPE, Face coverings, Sanitisers, Clap for the NHS, Living, Livelihood , Furlough, Self isolation, Antibodies, Efficacy, Immunity, T-cells , Lateral flow test, Essential travel only permitted etc.

A child born in 2020 would have only known life under these severe restrictions, socially distant from families and friends, no hugs no kisses, staring at devices as directed by mum and dad. I saw a viral clip of little ones attempting to dispense sanitiser from anything that appeared to look like one. It seemed funny at the time but it underlines the serious work that lies ahead to reconnect societies torn apart by the virus.

Of recent, there appears to be cause for optimism. There may be a chink of light, at the end of the dark COVID tunnel. COVID vaccines, a more plausible idea than the disinfectant that was once floated by the then leader of the free world. But there is a catch! A lot of information out there, facts, alternative facts, fake news , you name it.

W.H.O coined it as INFODEMIC.

So, who else to help us focus and distil the facts than the UK Minister in charge of vaccine deployment, a key UK government advisor /scientist and other authorities tasked with the delivery of the vaccine at national and local levels.

NSF(UK) was honoured to have had the distinguished guest speakers who found time in their busy schedules to come and engage with us directly on an emotive subject within the community.

Perhaps we are now empowered and confident to make the personal and responsible choice. Lets ask what we can do for our country.

In memory of all those that succumbed to COVID19 and praying for those that are left behind!


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