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“Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless.”

- Sherry Anderson

NSF (UK) needs you!

Are you thinking about the great skills you have, that you can put to good use to help others? After all, the best gift you can give is your time. Whatever your age or skills, however much time you can give, we’ve got a volunteer role for you. Use your skills and join a great team whose values match your own. Your skills will be invaluable to us and help us take big steps in our journey to improve our community.


Head of Education NSF (UK). (LIVE)


Reports to:

The Head of Education will report to the Chief Operating Officer.

Direct reports:

The Head of Education will be responsible for the Education and its associated project teams.

Job Overview:

The Head of Education is mainly responsible for; advising the organisation on education strategies, the annual delivery of the strategies, the governance, leadership, and efficient running of the education team.


To plan and carry out educational activities to develop/ maintain a consistent level of achievement (directly/indirectly) for students in Nigerian secondary schools.


Essential Duties/ Responsibilities

  • Organise and chair educational team meetings.

  • Provide regular updates/feedback to the Operating Team (OT) and the wider NSF (UK) forum.

  • Develop, plan, and monitor all NSF(UK) education programs, and events and participate in seminars.

  • Facilitate seminars and training organised by the Education team.

  • Prepare and maintain all comprehensive records for all education programmes.

  • Responsible for developing contents and specifications of the Education Seminar.

  • Work with other team members to prepare the seminar schedule.

  • Liaise with the Head of Comms on communication matters in promoting seminars, training, and relevant education programs.

  • Responsible for identifying and liaising with speakers/presenters for the annual seminars.

  • Prepare and maintain documents for all NSF(UK) Excellence in Education Development (NEED) projects and implement and maintain all administrative processes.

  • Liaise with the NSF(UK)’s education consultant in planning and designing the NEED training modules.

  • Coordinate the implementation of the NEED project.

  • Assist with the delivery of various modules of NEED training.

  • Liaise with various stakeholders for the NEED training including Principals, Teachers, and Administrators of various alumni schools within NSF (UK) and other stakeholders.

  • Design and maintain a budget for all NSF (UK) education programs.

Skills and Qualities: Essential (E) / Desirable (D)

  • Experience in leading a team (D)

  • Excellent organisation and prioritisation skills (E)

  • Ability to communicate with different stakeholders (E)

  • Ability to lead authentically, collaborate and provide an inclusive atmosphere (E)

  • Ability to drive the compelling vision of the team/organisation (D)

  • Ability to build positive relationships (E)

  • Leadership and self-awareness. The confidence and ability to gain respect and attention. (E)

  • Ability to build and maintain influential external relationships and strategic alliances. (E)

  • Ability to make decisions (E)

  • Ability to delegate (E)

  • Be committed to NSF (UK) Values (E)

  • Be committed to helping NSF(UK) improve the education environment in Nigeria. (E)

How do I apply

  • Email your CV and cover letter addressing the Skills and Qualities above in no more than two pages to:

  • Head of

  • Closing date - Friday, 31 March 2023.

  • Interview dates - 1st - 7th April 2023

Relationship Liaison Officers. (LIVE)

NSF (UK) is seeking to appoint individuals to our Relationship Liaison officers Team whose skills, perspectives and experience will enrich the organisation, and its decision-making and support the delivery of a specified objective.

         What skills, experience & qualities do you need?

  • Capable of conveying accurate information.

  • Self-motivated and able to work under their own initiative.

  • A calm and professional manner.

  • Good listening skills and the ability to demonstrate empathy and understanding.

  • A calm and professional manner.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • The Relationship Liaison officers should have up-to-date knowledge of NSF (UK). related activities and attend Member's Monthly Meetings regularly.

         What impact will this role have?

         You will be supporting our committed local volunteer-led community group.

                                                                           For more information:

         Download details:                             Role specification & Advert

         Email: Head of Administration:

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