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Do you really know your rights?

"Know your rights session for Migrants" Presentation by Jilna Shah (London Project Manager -Migrants Rights Network/MRN) at the Nigerian Schools Foundation (UK) meeting held 9th June, 2018, at the Lagos Island restaurant in London.

Some of us may not be aware, after having achieved settled status many years ago, how difficult it is for new migrants in the UK to achieve similar. The current environment is regarded has been extremely hostile to migrants. So many new laws have now been introduced,some by stealth, that directly or indirectly affects everyone regardless of your status.

For example as a landlord you’re now required to perform immigration checks on your tenants. Ditto if you are an employer. Surgeries and hospitals are obliged to check immigration statuses of patients before attending to them.The list goes on and on, making it extremely difficult to survive in the UK without the necessary papers.

To further compound the matter all forms of assistance to say legal aid, benefits; monetary or housing, have been drastically curtailed. Any form of legal support is at a premium to those least able to afford this.

MRN represents a network of organisations at the forefront of migration matters. These organisations do all they can, with their meagre resources, to mitigate the challenges faced by migrants. We applaud in particular the effort of MRN in putting together a simple guide ”Know Your Rights”that attempts to demystify this very complex area and to sign post those affected to where useful help can be received.

At the session, NSF (UK) members had the opportunity to hear direct from those at the frontline, including Jilna Shah (MRN) and Jennifer Obaseki (Obaseki Solicitors ), who have both been working tirelessly to advocate for this voiceless segment of our society. Solicitors from within our Network (Messrs Dele Dada and Kayode Ogunfeibo) made valuable contributions to the discussion. We are also grateful to members and guests who attended the session and or shared their personal stories.

There is so much more that NSF (UK) members can do. These range from donations to these frontline organisations to volunteering to visit those held without trials at detention centres around the country.

For further information about these organisations visit:

Presentation materials can be found here:

NSF(UK) Networking sessions FAQs

A. What are these sessions for?

Up to one hour free session at each NSF (UK) meeting dedicated to networking of members. Monthly planning meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month at the Lagos Island Restaurant, 417 Lea Bridge Road, London E10 7EA .Members planning to promote an opportunity, product or services to the group can take advantage. Slot -15mins-30mins max.

B. Who can attend or present ideas/opportunities?

Open to all members, current, prospective. Presenters may be independent. Also anyone can attend.

C. How to book a slot?

Book via Head of Administration ( or For logistics reasons, presenters to book sessions in advance of meetings.

Nigerian Schools Foundation (UK) is a forum, for UK based alumni associations of Nigerian schools, a grassroots community not for profit organisation.

For further information visit:

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