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Our Story

The NSF (UK), a grassroots organisation, is a collaboration of Nigerian Alumni or organisations with Nigerian connection based in London UK. We are a platform for our members to showcase important work being done in support of education, particularly back in Nigeria.


Our sports day, our flagship event, was inspired by the London 2012 Olympics. Our event  was based on an initiative started by one of our founding members, Igbobi College Old Boys Association also known as, ICOBA Europe.  Up until then, i.e. between 2005 and 2011, ICOBA Europe, held an annual small scale summer sports and family fun day for friends and family.


Early in 2012 Mr Wole Sanwo of ICOBA (Europe) had approached his friend Mr Bimbo Babarinde the then President of Comprehensive High School Aiyetoro Alumni Association(Compronians UK) with the idea of building on the success of the ICOBA Fun Day initiative by holding a one off event using the London 2012 Olympic Games as the backdrop. They both decided it was a great idea and agreed to work on it  making it a reality.


In April 2012, at a meeting held at the Lagos Island Restaurant in East London, Messrs Sanwo and Babarinde met with 11 delegates from 9 other Alumni Associations who were keen on the concept and collaboration and thus, the NSF (UK) was born.


Please click here to access the original vision.  Ideas mooted included our symbolic logo of an inter generational  baton exchange.  

The first sports day was held on 12th  August 2012 , same day as the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony attracting over 800 attendees of different races and backgrounds.





For our first event we invited about 40 Alumni Associations covering the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria. 18 accepted our invitation and most of these have remained with us since. Current membership is here.


NSF (UK) has since evolved to be more than a sports day and is now addressing a variety of Nigerian diaspora community needs. This includes activities in support of education but particularly promoting our culture, healthy living and financial inclusion.

NSF(UK) journey 2012-2016
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