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NSF (UK) Decade of Successes - 2012-2022 - The Power of Collaboration

A documentary that proudly shares with you the incredible journey of a grassroots-led diaspora organisation that has  made a significant impact in the Nigerian community for the past ten years.

NSF(UK)'s Decade of Successes covers the period 2012-2022, showcasing the organisation's growth and achievements over the years. Starting from its first planning meeting in April 2012, at an East London restaurant, to hosting its inaugural event on the same day as the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, the documentary takes you on a unique journey.

Initially catering for about 800 attendees, NSF(UK)'s first event was held in a small park in South East London and has since grown to attract upwards of 2,000 attendees annually. Since 2016, it now hosts its event at a big stadium in North West London, demonstrating the growing popularity and impact of the organisation.

NSF(UK)'s success lies in its focus on supporting Quality Education (UNESCO's SDG4) in Nigeria. The organization leverages vital resources into the education ecosystem in Nigeria, using its sports and community engagement programs to galvanise the Nigerian diaspora community in the UK to achieve this laudable aim.

Significantly, the documentary features  the multifaceted story of NSF(UK)'s journey and the impact it has made in the Nigerian community over the past ten years. You'll see the dedication and hard work of the NSF(UK) team and the positive impact it has had on the lives of countless individuals.

We hope you enjoy watching the documentary and sharing in the celebration of NSF(UK)'s 10th anniversary. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey!

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