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Project Girl Foundation: helping to close the literacy gender gap in rural Nigeria

Networking Session 1- NSF (UK) planning meeting @ Lagos Island Restaurant (London) on 12th January 2019.

Lily Nwamaraihe -Chief Executive Officer of Project Girl foundation is on a mission to help educate, inspire, empower girls and to close the literacy gender gap in rural Nigeria. Lily discovered that fate had dealt girls in particular a cruel hand as they faced a mountain of challenges including; being physically and sexually abused, violence, gender bias with males receiving preferential treatment, teenage pregnancy (high in rural areas) and child marriage.

So at the meeting, Lily brought members’ attention to her remarkable Charity, "Project Girl foundation", which she hoped will transform the lives of the girls and perhaps Nigeria too. She is starting off in rural Nkanu-East, a Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. If successful, she hoped to scale-up across Nigeria.

For more information about Project Girl Foundation:

Visit: website

To support the project, please download form (complete and send to).

Download PowerPoint meeting presentation slides here.

Download functional literacy programme project handout here.

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