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UNESCO World Book and Copy Right Day 2018

To celebrate World Book and Copy Right Day on 23 April 2018, the Nigerian Schools foundation (UK) donated over 2,000 recycled books it collected from the UK. It will work with its local partner in Nigeria, CHIYOWO , to deliver the books to underserved communities in Country.

The books collected cover ages 4-18 and the target communities are largely dependent on scarce government resources. This will be the second batch of books donated. Last year, a pilot was run and 1,200 books were donated. You can watch a video of these being delivered to some underserved communities within the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria below.

The Nigerian Schools Foundation (UK) also known as NSF(UK) plans to run an annual book drive campaign to mark the UNESCO day and will be announcing collection centres later this year for the 2019 cycle.

To schedule a book pick-up, e-mail:

The NSF(UK) is a not for profit organisation with a focus on education. With this initiative it hopes It can help to develop a reading culture amongst the underprivileged in Nigeria.

NSF(UK) remains grateful for all the resources donated to make this initiative a reality.

For further information: Visit :

#BookDriveNigeria2018 Or email:

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