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Education in the Digital World

"CHANGE- Perhaps the only constant thing in life?"

"Adapt to REMAIN relevant” according to youthful speaker Jide Ariyo, one of the many engaging expert speakers available on the day.

The aptly titled seminar "Education in the Digital World" demonstrated how the world has done a 360-degree, with our youths and rightly so, now proffering advice to us the adults, especially in their area of expertise, the Digital world. This would have been impossible in our generation, where children are supposed to be seen not to be heard. Welcome to their world where you have the “DIGITAL NATIVES” and the “FOREIGNERS” that perhaps need visas to be allowed in. The Lecture was engaging with a wide variety of speakers covering all angles, all ages, the positives, the opportunities for the savvy ones and of course the negatives, after all the digital world is a zero-sum game. So you have losers too such as; breakdown in family cohesion, cyberbullying and cybercrime amongst others. What a contrast in perspectives, a juxtaposition of ages, youth versus old, parenting versus youthful exuberance covering this interesting topic? “The fear of the unknown aside, technology is just a tool. So a gun in the wrong hands can be a weapon of destruction or in the right one that of protection"."You can't outsource parenthood. You need to ensure your children are with the right values." quipped Dr Wale Oki, another expert speaker. Just to mention a few PARENTAL words of wisdom given freely on the day!

The seminar venue, the Great Hall, steeped in 900 years of history, having adapted for centuries to remain relevant, an appropriate backdrop to bring to life this engaging topic.

Our special thanks to our, sponsors MICROSYTEMS INTERNATIONAL and BNET for the financial support that enabled the event, all the SPEAKERS, the education SEMINAR ORGANISERS, the VENUE and last but not the least the ATTENDEES, physical and virtual in the digital realm. NSF (UK) remains eternally grateful for all your support. Finally, NSF (UK) has now been given the unenviable task of influencing policy back home in Nigeria. So watch this space!

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