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My visit to the African Science Academy (ASA) -Tema/Ghana

Tosin Otubanjo (NSF Youth Engagement team) visited Accra, Ghana in February 2018. She seized the opportunity to spend some time in Tema with the girls and staff of the African Science Academy (ASA). Tosin had done some formal research amongst UK 'A' levels and University students studying STEMM subjects and was hoping to learn from the school and to also share some of her findings with the girls.

The African Science Academy (ASA) is a new, girls-only Advanced Level school for maths and science. Opened in August 2016 in Tema, on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana. ASA is a “sixth-form” college leading to globally respected Cambridge International A Levels.


Tosin talking to the ASA 2017/18 students on the challenges they will face as females in the STEM industry and the importance of career planning.


Aisha (The lady in the headscarf ) is from FGC Sokoto , one of our member associations. Aisha took Tosin on the tour and spoke glowingly about the academy.


Around 45% of the students are from Ghana and they are all boarders as it is an intensive 1 year programme.


Ambitious, hard working, determined young ladies who see studying STEM subjects as a way to make an impact by being creative and innovative.


A feisty young energetic lady from Zimbabwe who espouses female empowerment and is determined to make an impact in the world.


Just a cross section of the numerous ladies Representing Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo and many other countries.

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