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My work experience at Ford Motors (Dunton)

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I recently attended a one-week work experience at Ford where I learnt what an engineer does. Thanks to this opportunity I got to experience the environment of a well renowned company and experience life as a white-collar worker. My initial thoughts were that an engineer would be mostly manual labour but thanks to the advancement of technology most work is done on the computer. Parts for the car such as the chassis is designed using a complex program to save costs on design. In addition to this, I got the opportunity to learn from the experts, different parts of a car and its uses. I use to believe tyres were just round and rubber circles used to move the car but what goes into making it is much more complex. Different ridges and designs of a tyre can determine its suitability to a specific environment. However, what intrigued me the most was how well everybody communicated. The Dunton technical centre itself was massive, yet everyone was able to communicate efficiently and clearly. In addition, they were able to communicate with their American co-workers in such a professional manner, it was like they weren’t half way round the world. Thank you, Mr. Cornelius, for this amazing opportunity, I really got to learn what it truly means to be an engineer and learn the hardships of waking up at ridiculous hours to get to “work” on time. This opportunity was facilitated by an old boy of CMS Old Grammarians Society (OGS) UK.

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