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NSF(UK) Partners with CHIYOWO on Book Drive Nigeria 2017 (a Reading and Digital Literacy Skills Pr

Book Drive Nigeria 2017 and Reading and Digital Literacy Skills Programme

NSF (UK) partner organisations include the ChiYoWo Foundation. The Children, Youth and Women (ChiYoWo) Empowerment Initiative is a not-for-profit organisation committed to creating a better future for children, youth and women in Nigeria. ChiYoWo works closely with local communities in four main areas to develop comprehensive initiatives to achieve sustained livelihoods.

  1. Child Protection and Safety - Aims to provide awareness programmes, child safeguarding and upbringing.

  2. Education and Creativity - Aims to provide literacy training, basic ICT tools for education, media, sports and community advocacy

  3. Youth4Growth - Aims to provide, vocational skills, life skills to enhance employability and income generation.

  4. Sustainable Livelihoods for Women - Aims to enhance environmental education, health and parenting issues and advocacy for communal community based economic activities.

ChiYoWo is currently implementing an education awareness programme in the form of a Book Drive and Reading and Digital Literacy Skills Programme. It is targeted at children and young persons aged between 4 -14 years, including the under-represented girl-child. Aiming to cover the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria but working initially with 12 schools and centres in hard to reach communities, where approximately, one-quarter of students in primary schools drop out of school (World Bank), the programme focusses on preparing the young, repositioning their mind-sets and equipping them with global tools for success.

ChiYoWo works at the grassroots level directly with children, young people and women in hard to reach communities or camps whose lives have been devastated by poverty and internal displacement with limited access to quality basic education.

To this end, their beneficiaries tell them what’s needed and this feeds into the design and the delivery of initiatives that address and remove barriers to their developmental opportunities.

Key Objectives

1. Enhance strong literacy skills

2. Develop lifelong literacy skills

3. Improve on reading habits in controlled and designated spaces

4. Encourage school enrolment

5. Increase student retention in chosen schools and centres

6. Reduce illiteracy rates in hard to reach areas

For more information, see:

One of NSF (UK)'s objective is "to increase the awareness of the importance of education in Nigeria", as it believes educational attainment contributes to greater social mobility. It fully supports this initiative and has so far set up collection points at various locations and collected books from members and contacts in the UK on behalf of ChiYoWo. The target of 1,000 books it initially set was easily surpassed. The first batch of 1,200 books was delivered to ChiYoWo in Nigeria at the end of July 2017. A second batch is currently being processed with a target shipment from the UK in September 2017.

Watch a video of the books being delivered to the communities in the 6 Geopolitical zones of Nigeria by our partner ChiYoWo

Update 16/02/2018

Second batch of 2,400 books to be shipped out 16th February 2018 and expected to arrive in Lagos within 4-6 weeks, in time for the celebration of the United Nations World Book and Copyright Day 23 April 2018.

Team NSF(UK) is grateful to all involved , including the book donors, the collection centres in the UK, our shipper (batch was shipped free) and to those that donated money for the shipping costs for the second batch.

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