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We’re Rebranding! Farewell NSSFF.....Welcome Nigerian Schools Foundation -NSF (UK)

Dear all,

As the NSSFF enters its fifth year of existence as an organisation, our focus and direction has evolved somewhat from our original form. This evolution is not unique to us, as many organisations go through various changes during their life-cycles. As an organisation matures, the initial identity can become a liability and hold it back from reaching its full potential. With this in mind, the Executives met late in 2015 and decided that now would be an ideal time to Re-brand under a new name. The main reasons for this are as follows:-

- To have a name that better reflects more of what we do and aspire to be. - To have a simpler and more memorable acronym. - To have a name that will serve as an Umbrella name(Prefix) for all our various activities e.g Sports & Family Fun day, Seminar etc - To have a name that will differentiate us in the minds of our target audience and proposed sponsors/supporters.

The Name change/ Rebranding proposal was presented to the House at the last General meeting(January 9th). The need for the changes were deemed necessary by most present. The name 'NIGERIAN SCHOOLS FOUNDATION(Uk)'- NSF(Uk) was unanimously suggested as our new name. It was believed that it was the most ideal name that was close enough to our old name and also met all the criteria for change. It was also agreed that members who had any objections to the suggested new name should email these with their reasons by January 31st at the latest. Final ratification of the new name will be made at the next General meeting on February 13th.

It was agreed that the new logo would borrow some elements from the old one and our corporate colours(green & white) will be kept. This is to maintain a mental visual connection in the minds of those familiar with our old image. Our corporate message, 'Connecting Nigerians, Promoting Awareness and Developing Communities' will remain the same.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

Yours sincerely

Bimbo Babarinde Chair

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