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"Happy to be missing a day of school"

NSF(UK) delegation at the Commonwealth Service 2017 -Westminster Abbey.

"On the day, I was not sure what I was expecting about the day or what was going to happen when my mum told me to come down to the service – I was just happy to be missing a day of school!

But in the end, I was pleasantly surprised with such a great day and experience.


Seeing the flags of all the countries Nigeria has such close connections with as well as the important people in attendance was truly a once in a lifetime moment. I could meet and see many people including a lot of the Royal Family, Kings and Princes of the commonwealth nations and some of the commonwealth sports stars including Jessica Ennis-Hill.



Overall the day will never be forgotten as it was so special and unique and I am glad to have been invited to be in attendance and happy to have many pictures to keep the memories of the special day and the special people I met."



Recording and Photos

See the recording on iPlayer here

See photos from all of the Commonwealth Day celebrations here. Press release here

Take part in the Queen's Commonwealth Essay competition 2017. Closing date 1st May 2017. (Details here)

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