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NSSFF Inaugural Seminar on Education -University of London

Education in Nigeria remains at the heart of what we do. NSSFF hosted an inaugural seminar on the 7th of June 2014 at the University of London......... on the magnificent site of St Bart’s Hospital, London, the oldest hospital in Europe, founded in 1123, and a backdrop for the “grassroots” intellectual exchange.

Stakeholders deliberated passionately on the subject “Education Needs of the Next Generation of Nigerians”. The event was also streamed live to a global audience.

Though armed with enthusiasm, few of the participants were not up to date/familiar with current developments in the Nigerian Education System. The seminar enabled them to be better informed in this area.

Some of the interesting sound bites/quips included............... “talk is cheap….. implementation …is the challenge.”........ “We must encourage and support the teachers and don’t embarrass them like the governors do”.

We plan to publish a paper from the seminar soon and we hope to bring the outcome to the attention of the policy makers.

We also hope to facilitate many more of these forums to discuss vital issues in the future.

Photos below:

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