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Our Project Teams

We currently deploy teams of dedicated voluntary staff  made up of experts from diverse fields including; Architecture, Law, Information Technology (I.T), Accounting, Taxation, Health & Safety and Research analyst just to mention a few. These experts bring on board a high degree of professionalism to the NSF (UK), all done pro bono.

Sports day team 


Our largest project team is tasked with delivering a successful event showcasing a positive side of Nigeria. Due to the sheer logistics an army of volunteers (up to 50 volunteers)is deployed on event day to manage key tasks including:


  • Co-ordinator (Oversees all the event logistics planning including event continuity planning/ safety of volunteers ).

  • Registration desk (Orderly & speedy registration, raffle sales, cash receipts).

  • Security management (Crowd & Line judge).

  • Public relations (Photographer/interviews by videographer/live streaming etc).

  • Events Management (Overall co-ordination of all the timing of the events on the day, sports, music, speaking slot).

  • Corporate Hospitality (looks after guests/sponsors/ exhibitors).

  • Health and safety officer (health/safety & noise coordinator).

  • MCs (public address /motivates crowd)

  • Audit (Recording of event)

  • Quality control (quality control & assurance of all different areas/periodic inspection/visual/interview of guests to ensure good customer experience).


Regular  planning meetings are held in the months leading to the event. 

Legal team 

Our legal team of three experienced Solicitors support the organisation in areas such as governance, constitution, organisation structure and contracts. The team meets on a need basis.

Lecture team 

Our lecture team is tasked with the delivery of our objectives here. Regular team meetings are held where the following are resolved:

  • Purpose of the event , date and times.

  • Topic of the seminar and target audience.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Engaging speakers.

  • Resolving venue logistics (location,space needed/room style).

  • Event publicity and ticket sales. 

  • Catering requirement.

  • A/V  and other I.T.requirements.

  • Event administration (Creating event invitations/Printing agenda and other material/Securing attendee gifts/raffles/Producing name badges).

  • Event day set-up and close​.​

  • Event reporting & debrief.

Social media team 

The team supports our Head of Communications with managing the delivery of our corporate messages via all our media platforms (social , news, print,TV and broadcast media).  

Youth engament team 

A team coordinating the engagement of our youths here in the UK and in Nigeria in different programmes and opportunities in formal education (including admissions & scholarships), work placements, internships, career advice, jobs and mentoring. The team liaises with different partner organisations to deliver these. 

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