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How it all began

NSF(UK)'s Decade of Successes covers 2012-2022, and showcases the organisation's humble beginning as a London 2012 Olympic Legacy, its growth and its impact in; the UK Nigerian diaspora community and its support for Education in Nigeria.

Public Announcement - 08/03/2024

NSF(UK) Summer Sports & Family Day 2024 is Cancelled.

It is with a heavy heart that we have taken the decision to cancel our “popular” summer sports and family fun day event for this year.

This is to enable us to conduct a review , with all our stakeholders to establish if the event is still of VALUE to; the Nigerian diaspora community, our members and other stakeholders. The review will also cover our current funding model. Our model relies heavily on large attendee numbers to make the event affordable and attractive to Corporate sponsors who help to subsidise the ticket prices.


We reached our peak number in 2019, just before Covid , when we attracted over 2,000 attendees. Unfortunately post Covid, the landscape has changed significantly and events such as ours are struggling in the UK and globally. Post Covid years, despite our best efforts, we have only been able to attract 50% of our peak attendees number and venue costs/ other running have gone up astronomically. We clearly now need to carefully review how we move forward to find a better model that suits the current environment that we operate in.

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