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Our Webinar series (Let's talk about it)


In 2020, Covid-19 environment exacerbated the inequalities faced by UK BAME communities. In response NSF (UK) and others stepped up to offer support to the community, to navigate the challenges faced. At NSF (UK) our primary focus during this crisis period is to use our available resources to support community resilience, to ensure that we are well placed to respond to, withstand and recover from this current crisis. So, to complement what other organisations are doing we  launched a series of webinars (Let's talk about it). Our specific aim is to provide a platform to share useful and timely information on a range of topical issues in an inclusive way.

Our key objectives                                

  • Support and enhance wellbeing and resilience.                

  • Utilise the skills and resourcefulness in the community.        

  • Create a forum for people to share and learn together.                

  • Reflect on issues that affect our community.


Our webinar topics will cover; business, health, immigration, insurance, wellbeing, welfare benefits matters amongst others. We will engage experienced speakers to share their tips, knowledge, create awareness and answer questions.


Webinar production team

  • Peju Arenyeka (Producer/Researcher).

  • Nike Arowobusoye (Producer/Researcher).

  • Kemi Ogunbanjo (Producer/Researcher).

  • Tola Ayeni (Comms).

  • Shola George (Moderator/Comms).

  • Remi Kayode (Moderator).

  • Daniel Okonkwo (Technical).

  • Rasheed Adesokan (Technical).

  • Soji Fagade (Technical).

  • Wole Sanwo (Project Director/Producer/Researcher).

Managing your Finances in a Crisis

This is the first in a webinar series scheduled for every last Thursday of the Month.  

This was held on  28th May 2020:







Two presenters, with over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of accounting and taxation, provided participants  with essential tips to manage finances.

This session was of interest to investors, business owners, self employed,  employees or anyone who wanted to manage their finances better.

Akin Coker - Partner Buzzacott LLP


Akin is a Partner of the firm and also heads up the Private Client team. Akin’s focus is on wealth preservation from a tax perspective. He helps high-net-worth individuals and their families protect their wealth throughout their lives through careful planning.

Akin is a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) and is a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA).

Bode Olaniyan -CEO Abacus 59, Accountants and Business Advisors.

Bode is a professional accountant and a business advisor with a strong background in Corporation tax, Tax planning, financial reporting, planning, control and forecast. He helps  business owners and directors to grow profitably, minimise tax and manage regulatory complexity.Bode is a qualified accountant and a member of both the institute of financial accountants (AFA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria(ACA). For more information visit website .

Staying safe in a digital world.  


This is the second in a webinar series scheduled for every last Thursday of the Month.

This was held on  25th  June 2020. The session was of interest to the general public keen on learning and developing awareness for staying safe in a virtual World particularly on matters of privacy and cyber risks.








Daniel Okonkwo-is the MD of Digital Intelligence Ltd, UK.  He holds a B.A Hons in Philosophy and post graduate qualifications in Human Resource Management as well as in Hypermedia & Multimedia. Daniel has 25 years’ experience in IT Consultancy.  He has delivered various solutions including automation of news data monitoring, insurance pensions calculator, CPE networking and remote maintenance. He has also delivered regulatory compliance applications, e-commerce automation, web development and hybrid mobile applications.

Contact: ||

Bayo Adeniji -is co-founder and Chairman of Cowrie Integrated Systems Ltd (CIS) - a Fintech group. CIS is focused on cross-border payments based on the Stellar (blockchain) platform. He worked as an investment banker in Nigeria covering Corporate Finance, Private Equity, and Infrastructure Finance. He was also a Senior Technical Assistant to the Minister of Finance, Nigeria.  He subsequently became a Manager in Corporate Finance and Restructuring.

Nathan Vandy  (LL.M)- is at the forefront of the blockchain and decentralization space. His Masters’ degree thesis from Maastricht University, Netherlands was on data protection issues in permissions blockchains. He has since led multiple workshops and events on the development of blockchain technology and how the law will shape its development. 
He is currently the Legal and Compliance Manager at Blockchain HELIX, where he combines his passion for law and technology to support the introduction of the digital identity app, helix id, into the wider market.

Staying safe and healthy even in difficult times.


This session, third in the series was held on  30th  July 2020. It was, a lively discussion pertinent in the wake of the adverse health effects surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Distinguished speakers and panelist covered a wide area of health and wellbeing including; practical tips for  staying healthy, the use of emerging healthcare technology and how to respond and manage infodemic in a pandemic. The session opened with an overview of the impact of Covid-19 in East London.  



Dr. Taiwo Akinseye London GP with post graduate training in medicine and general practice.Lead for Drug and Alcohol addiction.

Dr. Lola Dare An award-winning global health and community physician. President Chestrad Global. Board member Geneva based RBM partnership to end malaria.

Dr. Ahjoku Amadi-Obi Emergency health physician and health scientist. Founder of Hudibia, a company that uses emerging health technology.


Dr. Mary Orhewere  A mentor, medical doctor and humanitarian. Deputy Director Public Health . Leads on the local response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health FFPH.

Dr. Tumi Imevbore  UK doctor. Integrated BSc in Global,Post graduate Certificate in Leadership for Healthcare Professionals. Co-founder Yorubaizm and writer for (medical think pieces and social commentary).

UK Immigration and The Nigerian Community: Key Issues.  


Fourth  in a webinar series scheduled for every last Thursday of the Month.  


Dr. Jennifer Obaseki, CEO, Obaseki & Co Ltd  Jennifer has been practicing as a solicitor for over 16 yrs. She is the Director of LegalPaal LLP and Obaseki & Co Ltd. Jennifer manages teams specialising in Immigration, Private client, Civil-litigation, Negligence, Family, Crime, Property and Commercial law. Obaseki Solicitors is a multi- award-winning practice with service accreditation for excellence in family property law and have reported successful Supreme Court cases on Immigration and Human Rights. She was most recently honoured with a doctorate degree in Law for her humanitarian activities.|| +442077397549 ||


Oluwayemisi (Yemisi) Jenkins MBE Home Office (HO) National Community Engagement Lead – Nigeria Yemisi has over 20 years’ experience in strategic and operational roles in various departments across the civil service. Her current role involves engaging with the community, to build trust and relationships, and raise awareness in communities. She also facilitates voluntary return of vulnerable Africans who are undocumented and would like to return to their home country. She was recognised as the HO EDI Adviser of the year in 2014 and awarded an MBE for her services to Border Security and Staff Wellbeing at work in 2015.




Insurance- Demystifying the Myths.  


  Our primary focus during this pandemic period is on our community and specifically       to: 

       - Support and enhance wellbeing/resilience,
       - Acknowledge people's resourcefulness,
       - Share and Learn together,
       - Reflect on things/issues that affect our community,
       - Create dialogue and engagement on these issues.

  So, our 5th webinar in our 2020 series, "Let's Talk about it " took place on  26th         November 2020 (8pm). Our two experienced speakers shared their tips, knowledge,     created awareness and answered participant questions.


 Debbie Liadi (Cert CII)||Eunisure Ltd  

 Debbie is a practicing member of the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Society of   Will Writers. She attended FGGC Bida, Niger State. She graduated from Olabisi     Onabanjo University (OSU) with a degree in Computer Science, and has an MBA in   Finance. She started her banking career right from NYSC in 1998 and she worked with   3 major banks in Nigeria, left Zenith Bank as deputy manager and relocated to the UK   in 2011. She joined Metlife as a Sales Adviser in 2012 and in 2014 joined Eunisure Ltd   where she is currently a Specialist Protection Manager.In 2018 Debbie joined the   Society of Will writers, where she trained as a Will writer. She is the Principal   Consultant/CEO of Ecarg Financial Solutions. Debbie enjoys helping people with their   protection plans.


Ebenezer Yewhenu Hundeyin (FCII) – EYH Insurance Consultants 

 Ebenezer is a Fellow of The Chartered Insurance Institute and a practicing Insurance   Broker. He graduated from Kharkov Agricultural University, Ukraine (former USSR)   with  a Masters’ degree in Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science in 1985. He joined   the Lagos State Graduate Farmers scheme in 1986. During his period on the farm, he   was also a part time agent for Niger Insurance Plc in Lagos.
 He relocated to the UK where he obtained his Associateship and Fellowship of the   Chartered Insurance Institute in 1991 & 1994 respectively. He has been a postal tutor   for the Chartered Insurance Institute since 1994 to date, helping new members of the   institute to obtain their professional qualifications in insurance. He joined the high   street chain - KeyWest Insurance Brokers in 1990 as an Insurance Technician and   became a branch Manager in 1993. Ebenezer started his broking firm - EYH Insurance   Consultants in 1995. The firm is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct   Authority (FCA) to advice and arrange general & protection insurance contracts as well   as mortgages. He is passionate about insurance and enjoys assisting people with their   insurance related problems.




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