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Our other activities

NSF (UK) has since evolved to be more than a sports day and is now addressing a variety of Nigerian diaspora community needs. These include activities in support of education but particularly promoting our culture, healthy living and financial inclusion. We are attempting to set-up model institutions, role models, legacy and a bridge to link Nigeria with the UK. We understand the urgent need to have a model that encourages the children and grandchildren of the present day Diaspora, some with limited experience of Nigeria to also think of Nigeria as ‘Home’.

Battle of the Alumni (Quiz night).

The inaugural Inter-School Alumni Quiz competition in the UK tagged ‘The Battle of the Alumni’ was conceived and hosted by Government College Ikorodu Old Students Association (GCIOSA) in association with the NSF(UK)  in March 2016.  It is modelled after the traditional UK pub quiz and it is another activity used to encourage social interaction amongst the Nigerian diaspora community.  The event is held on a Friday evening in the spring at a venue in East London with teams formed from the members of the NSF(UK), other schools with a Nigerian origin and independent guests.


Attendees are grouped around tables and compete for the main prizes of:

1) Overall winner trophy,

2) First runners up,


3) Second runners up.


Following the huge success of the inaugural event in 2016, it was decided that it would become an annual affair to be hosted by Winners of the previous year's event. Lists of hosts to date is below:



2016-GCIOSA (Concept creator). (Watch video here).

2017-FGC (Kwali). (Watch video here).

2018-Compronians UK.

2019-ICOBA Europe. (Read blog here).


Battle of the Alumni (Quiz night) 2016

Battle of the Alumni (Quiz night) 2017

Networking sessions.

Since April 2012, monthly planning meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month. Between April 2012 and February 2017, fifty three meetings had taken place mainly discussing routine event planning matters. Members had been contemplating having a separate formal networking event in 2017. So, it was agreed in March 2017 to embed a one hour networking session at all NSF(UK) meetings where products or services can be discussed. A few projects have since been implemented from these sessions. A noteworthy one is the collaboration with ChiYoWo and the #BookDriveNigeria2017 initiative, where from the initial discussion of the project in April 2017 at a networking session to the collection of the books from the community and the successful delivery of 1,200 books to Nigeria was achieved within six months. 

Networking sessions FAQs.

A.  What are these sessions for?

Up to one hour session at each meeting dedicated to networking of members. Members planning to promote an opportunity, product or services to the group can take advantage. Slot -15mins-30mins max.


B. Who can attend or present ideas/opportunities?

Open to all schools, current, prospective.  Also anyone from the school can attend. Presenters may be independent.

C. How to book a slot?

Book via secretary. For logistics  reasons, presenters to book sessions in advance of meetings.


D. Topics so far

1. Session-11 March 2017.
-Introductions to members profession/businesses shared (we have in our midst access to seasoned professionals within the Legal, Medical , Property, IT, Retail, transportation Logistics & Distribution, Finance etc.)

(Update - consider an online directory of members on Schools connect)

2. Session-8 April 2017.
2.1. Role/responsibilities of School Reps @ NSF (UK) –Planning meetings

(Update - Due to rapid growth a structure in place to support members. This includes induction information for joiners and a new role -members relationship officer. )

2.2. Book Drive Nigeria 2017 collaboration with ChiYoWo.  This project is currently live. (Update - Project is live and part of NSF(UK) commitment to work in partnership to deliver books to under served communities in Nigeria.)

3. Session-13 May 2017.


3.1. Session (a).
Human trafficking and impact on Nigerian communities by Jennifer Obaseki-Affirm NGO.

3.2 Session (b).
Nigerian teachers’ training and development (UK Student World) by Olanike Adebayo-

(Update 28/1/18. A proposal is being considered with Ms Adebayo, Oke Eleyae & NSF for delivery in 2018. See sessions 5.3(a) 8/7/17 & 11- 13/1/18 session for update).

4. Session-10 June 2017.
Diabetes awareness-Mistura Yusuf.

(Update 28/1/18-Diabetes UK-Community Champion-Mistura manned a stand for Diabetes UK and provided further outreach, at the NSF Sports day in August 2017.)

5. Session- 8 July 2017.
5.1. Strategic planning & Organisation development by Mr Jide Iyaniwura.

5.2. Feedback from an attendee:
"the session we had with Jide Iyaniwura deeply challenged me and has been playing on my mind since then.  Maybe we can set up a scholarship fund to sponsor some kids through school?"

5.3. Jide left us with 3 big /bold ideas to look into:

a) Hosting a NSF (UK) education seminar in Nigeria.

(Update -Linked this with teachers training project in Nigeria, see sessions 3-13/5/17 & 11-13/1/18).

b) NSF (UK) Volunteer teaching programme (perhaps similar to VSO).
(Update -Perhaps link with 5.3(a) above).

c) NSF (UK) think-tank, to lobby for Nigerian government policy changes , connect to stakeholders etc.

(Update. Perhaps link with 5.3.(a) above).


6. Session-5 August 2017.

6.1. Session 1- a group discussion on how to create a successful alumni. A steering group has been setup to take this forward.
(Update.To set up project terms of reference with a timescale)


6.2. Session-2 “Saving sight projects in Africa"-by founder of Precious Sight Foundation. Mrs Biyi Adewunmi. She shared her personal story, the backdrop to her projects aspiration to help alleviate the vision impairment, especially for the poor, in Africa. She requires assistance from NSF(UK) and members to facilitate access to schools back home in Nigeria to run programmes. She also requires donations to fund the programmes.

7. Session-12 August 2017 -Business matters /e.g IR35
ABACUS59 - CEO Mr Bode Olaniyan "Brexit, taxes and the challenges. Thriving in uncertainty" Details of an upcoming webinar session and how to connect with the company was made available.

8. Session-13 October 2017.
Network slot - Founder & CEO -Listening Ears & Rosebud-Ms Toyin Ogunbanjo presented the activities of her  Charities. She required members support to continue the vital community work being done.

9. Session-11 November  2017 -Hudson Weir & Co -Tosin Bevan
A young Nigerian insolvency practitioner with Hudson Weir. She's keen to access our network. She is experienced in all areas of insolvency and regularly writes blog articles on these matters.  She's part of a team of highly qualified Chartered Accountants and Insolvency Practitioners who have years of experience of working with both large and small businesses. So right from the first minute of any project they look to find a practical solution – one that is fair for all parties involved. Their main focus is always a fresh start and that comes either from rescuing a business or allowing its directors to cut their losses and start again. Cassy’s insolvency career began in 2007 and she has worked for both top 10 accountancy firms and boutique practices following her relocation to London in 2013

10. Session-1 December 2017-Career Nuggets -Morenike Ajayi

The Guest speaker NSF celebration meal Morenike Ajayi, award winning Broadcaster/Senior Finance executive, talked about her passion, Career nuggets.

She uses this to inspire career development in the BAME community (Black, Asian Minority Ethnic). Morenike shared her journey so far and the possibility of collaborating with NSF (UK) in 2018 on her mentoring initiative. Questions asked on the day included
mentor /mentee role clarification, if mentors are paid etc.

(Update.Tn going collaboration on mentoring programme) .

11. Session-13 January 2018.- Training Nigerian Teachers-Oke Eleyae -A draft proposal seeking members support for an intervention model , to support teachers training in Nigeria. At the heart of the model was a NSF (UK) Hub. Underpinning the hub is the ability of the UK Alumni members of NSF (UK) being able to fund delegates to attend NSF (UK) hub seminars and to exert necessary influence in their  schools in Nigeria to partake in the project. Education is key  to realising a  vision of Nigeria as a country where all people have a chance to make the most of their talents. As key stakeholders we have an opportunity to influence the education strategy back home. NSF vision is for a quality education for all Nigerians.Supporting teachers, a key component of the education model, is one of its objective for 2018.(Update 28/1/18. Considering a  project to be delivered in 2018 and seeking buy-in from members, a Partner {funding  & leverage access to policy makers}. Discussion on going with a view to bringing back a workable model to members in due course) See sessions see sessions 3-13/5/17 & 5.3(a) 8/7/17.

12. Session-10 February 2018 -Are you prepared for retirement? by Mrs Yinka Amokeodo, a highly experienced pension professional (Pension manager at ENGIE). Is now the time to start thinking about your exit strategy from the daily grind of work? Are you prepared for retirement? or are you nearing retirement age, but don’t have a clue as to whether your’e financially ready or not to retire? Attendees were taken through retirement planning strategies. (Watch video here) .

13. Session-10 March  2018-Are you covered? Personal insurance by Mojeed Odugbayi (Owl financial rep). Presented life insurance pension, mortgage matters etc.

14.a. Session-14 July 2018- Migrants Rights Network -Jilna Shah (London Project Manager)-Presented to members update on immigration laws and impact on the community.

14.b. Session-14 July 2018-"Mental Health a hidden illness in the diaspora  community" by Lade Olugbemi -Nous Organisation Limited. (Read blog  here.)

15. Session-10 November 2018-African Science Academy (ASA), Ghana admission process by  Trustee -Helen Denyer. (Watch video here).

16.a. Session -12 January 2019-Project Girl Foundation -"Helping to close the gender literacy gap in rural Nigeria" by Lily Nwamaraihe (CEO). (Read blog here).

16.b. Session- 12 January 2019-How does diaspora finance shape infrastructure development in Nigeria? by Femi Bolaji a PhD candidate of the department of development studies SOAS University London. (Watch video here).

17. Session -9 February 2019-"Striving for excellence in Nigerian Schools"by NSF(UK) education project team and Oke Eleyae (Kiko Educational Ltd). An update on the partnership project to set up an education excellence hub to support the development of teachers in Nigeria. (Read  blog here).









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