INVITATION TO TENDER (“ITT”) FOR CATERING SERVICES AT THE NSF (UK) 7th Sports & Family Fun Day on Sunday August 26 2018, 10am to 10pm at Allianz Park, Greenlands Lane, Hendon, London NW4 1RL.

  1. Your organisation along with others is invited to offer a tender for provision of the above services, to the specification outlined in the attached documents.

  2. Please read the instructions on the tendering procedures carefully. Failure to comply with them may invalidate your tender which must be returned by the date and time given below.

  3. All interested caterers should email their tender together with all the legal requirements and documentations (see page 8) to participate by 5pm Monday 16 July 2018. We aim to confirm successful tenderer(s) no later than Monday 30 July 2018. Late tenders will not be considered.

  4. A copy of the tender template can be downloaded from the NSF (UK) website

  5. Please note that this is our first attempt with supplying catering services at Allianz Park (“the Venue”). The successful tenderer will work in collaboration with other food providers (e.g. BBQ supplier) in order to meet our catering requirements.

  6. There is a £500 fee payable to Allianz Park for right to supply catering services at their venue.

  7. All prospective tenderers are required to visit the venue and inspect the kitchen facilities. The date and time to be confirmed.

  8. Allianz Park has sole rights to the provision of all Drinks, including alcohol and the non Nigerian food items such as Burgers and Chips (Fries).

  9. Please contact me if you have any question(s) about the tendering process. This Document contains details providing you with further information and/or clarification of NSF (UK)’s catering requirements.


I look forward to your response.

Kind regards

Bunmi Adekoya

Catering Team

0 7729 728593